Vision and Purpose

The vision of “ACASA” Foundation is that people, in usual conditions, should live independent in their houses, with their families, friends and neighbors. That is why the REHABILITATION CONCEPT promoted , presumes in principal three components:

  • Locomotory component ( physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, ergotherapy, speech therapy, etc);
  • A.D.L. component (rehabilitation of functions for daily activity);
  • Socialization component ( information, advise, assuring skills, information, knowledge and necessary customs for a normal life).

In order to achieve the goal proposed, employees of the Foundation must have high social skills to be able to communicate well with all members of the multidisciplinary team, in a social relationĀ  with all employees of the organization. The employee must have responsibility sense, dynamism and efficiency, honesty and correctitude, constructive and responsibleĀ  involvement, even solvingĀ  conflicts must be an attribute of the employee. Also the employees of the organization must offer all range of care and resources, which lead to assuring the welfare of the patient.