Home Care

“ACASA” Foundation  – homecare is located in Zalau, str. Iuliu Maniu, no. 9, and offers its services from Monday to Friday  between 8°° a.m. to 4°° p.m.
In this service works the team for homecare, which includes: doctor, physiotherapist, nurse, social worker.

The beneficiary of homecare services can be persons with handicap or elderly persons.

Types of services offered:

  • Information in domain
  • Identification and advice
  • Social counseling
  • Basic services for daily activities
  • Support services for daily activities
  • Services of rehabilitation and arrangement of the living environment – ambiency
  • Promote social relation (socialization) ? Spare time
  • Rehabilitation and recuperation services
  • Other services, support for different difficulty situations with:
    - nurse
    - social worker
    - home caretaker
    - physiotherapist
    - administrative personnel
    - voluntary personnel

The eligibility criteria are:

  • There must be a MEDICAL NEED proved by medical documents;
  • There must be a SOCIAL NEED proved by documents;
  • Must have the agreement of Direction  of Social Assistance, of the beneficiary and his family;
  • Must fill in an APPLICATION which to contain data about the applicant: surname and first name,  address, type of services which he applied for.

    The file forwarded once with the application must include :

  • Application form;
  • Copy of Identity Card;
  • Copy of income prove;
  • Medical documents/ handicap certificate;
  • Recommendation for services for witch the person applied.

The most important activities unreeled by our organization through the mobile team which goes to our beneficiaries homes are the basic ones (help for body hygiene, dressing, undressing, feeding, hydration, transfer, motion inside, mobilization, communication, and others), of medical care (monitoring physiological parameters, monitoring biological parameters, therapeutic maneuvers, and others), also the ones in the recuperation category, rehabilitation (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy).

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