The patient makes contact by phone with the nurse from the ambulatory service, which will make the planning for the initial consultation. In the basis of the assessment made, it is recommended, depending on case: completion of the investigations, direct towards another institution – if the pathology is not in compliance with the profile of the centre or therapy in ambulatory, hospitalization or homecare.
In case the patient lives in another district and he can not be transported, he can send by fax, e-mail or post services – before the planning for hospitalization is made – documents which prove the diagnose and also the result of the investigations included in the minimum set of analysis necessary for hospitalization, entering the responsibility of the data sent, meaning that they have to be complete and according to the present reality of the physical and psychical status of the patient. In contrary case even if the patient is planned for hospitalization, in the established day he will be refused from hospitalization.
Starting from November 2008 within the Rehabilitation, Treatment and Care Center ACASA functions a cabinet for infantile neurology endowed with a modern EEG equipment and here can benefit by costless consultations all children with neurological disorders.
The centre is in contractual relation with Health House, as consequence, all services offered are free of charge and to access them is needed a medical  letter from the specialist physician Рpreferable Рor from the family doctor. Beneficiaries of services can be patients from any district of the country, the condition is to have medical insurance.
We mention that the presence of the attendant is not needed, the centre has enough  and qualified personnel to assure the care for all patients, no matter what their degree of dependence is.

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