“ACASA” Foundation has the experience of cooperating with organizations in many projects and partnerships:

  • “Studies about the social and medical status of persons with severe handicap” ? unreeled in 2002, in partnership with City Hall Zalau;
  • “Care, treatment and recovery for the persons in risk situations” ? unreeled in 2002, with a target group of 30 beneficiaries monthly and financed by ?CASA? Foundation Holland and City Hall Zalau;
  • “Support in oldage” – unreeled in the period April 2003 ? January 2004, comprinsing services of home care, realized in partnership with ?CRONG? Foundation Salaj, City Hall Zalau and financed through EU`s program PHARE;
  • “Decentralization of health services in Salaj” ? unreeled in the period November 2003 ? January 2004, in partnership with ?HUMANA? Foundation USA and financed by USAID;
  • “Day centers ? option for the persons with handicap” ? unreeled in partnership with City Hall Zalau in 2004 and financed by National Authority for Handicapped Persons;
  • “In Family ? services of home care and in day care center” ? unreeled in partnership with Municipal Town Council, Direction for Social Assistance Zalau, in period 2004 ? 2005 financed by Ministry of Work and Social Protection;
  • “Center for Professional Excellency” – setting up 7 workshops of professional training for pupils from highschools and schools for arts and trades within 7 school units in Zalau, Simleu Silvaniei, Cehu Silvaniei, Sarmasag and Sig. Project unreeled in partnership with a number of 10 school organizations from Holland, District Council Salaj, School Inspectorate Salaj. The project started in 2005 and it is still unreeling.
  • “Family houses” ? the project is realized in partnership with District Council Salaj, Village Halls from Hereclean and Sig. the financing for arranging the houses is made by ?CASA? Foundation Holland through the following sponsors: CONGREGATIE ZUSTERS FRANCISCANESEN, WILDE GANZEN, NCDO Holland;
  • “Office for Information and Advice” ? the project started in 2004. Now the program is grant aided by the Ministry Of Work, Family and Equality of Chances through Direction of Work and Social Protection Salaj.
  • “Norwegian-Romanian (NoRo) Partnership for Progress in Rare Diseases” – we are involved in this project together with other organizations like: Romanian “Prader Willi” Association, Ministry Of Health Romania, The Norwegian “Prader Willi” Association, Frambu ? Center For Rare Diseases Norway, “St. Family” Church Zalau, City Hall Zalau (DASC), County Council Salaj (DGASPC, ISJ Salaj), Romanian Medical Genetics Society, University Of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” Timisoara and Romanian National Alliance for Rare Diseases to establish a partnership for long-term international co-operation. The initiative to form this partnership was taken based on the background of the organizations, a common mission and goals in the field of rare diseases. The project aim is to improve the quality of life for people affected by rare diseases in Romania by providing equal access to early diagnosis, quality treatment and rehabilitation services through a comprehensive and accessible network of facilities and resources as set forth by The National Plan for Rare Diseases.