str. Gheorghe Doja, nr. 161, Zalau, Salaj

The Romanian-Dutch Foundation “Acasă” is a
non-governmental  organization, seated in the municipality of Zalau, Sălaj County, Romania.

 The Foundation was founded in December 2000, by a group of Romanian and Dutch professionals, with extensive experience in various fields such as healthcare, education, management and business. The Local community is also represented within the Foundation by the Sălaj County Council, the Town Hall of Zalău and St. Stefan Parish.

During the period 2001-2004, the construction of the Centre for Recovery, Treatment and Care “Acasă” was accomplished, a building spread over 5000 sqm, with a capacity of 120 beds, fully equipped for physiotherapy, kinetotherapy, ergotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, electrotherapy, medical treatment rooms, kitchen unit, laundry unit and other facilities.

A plot of 12000 sqm was offered free of charge by the municipality of Zalău, who, in addition paid for infrastructure, gas, electricity and sewage. The investment at a
value of 2.5 million Euro, was made by CaSa/Care Center Sălaj- a Foundation seated in The Netherlands, and sponsors attracted by this organization.

The Center is located in a picturesque area at the foothills of the Meseș Mountains,
surrounded by a park of over 4000 sqm, specially arranged to facilitate outdoor relaxation and recovery.

The Centre for Rehabilitation, Treatment and Care “Acasă” began its activities as a
hospital in 2004, with the blessing of the Ministry of Health.

All medical and rehabilitation services offered under either continuous
hospitalisation and specialty ambulatory are free of charge for patients, resulting
from the contract between the Centre for Recovery, Treatment and Care “ACASA” as
provider of medical services and Health Insurance House of Sălaj county.

The years following the formal opening and functioning of the Centre, constituted a
decisive stage for implementation and vision of the founders. As a pioneer
organization at that time (2004), through intensified joint efforts from the start of
the building phase throughout, “Acasă”  Foundation  managed to quantify the
expertise of our external partners, exchange programs and the efforts of dedicated
locals, to create a unique institution, nationally sought after.

During the period 2012-2015, the main building of the Centre was extended by an additional 1700 sqm, an investment which made it possible to organize a separate department for Children. The first floor of the new building, has a capacity of 30 beds, includes therapy rooms, medical offices, sanitary groups, patio, lift, a mini kitchen and dining area. These new facilities are currently not in use (2018), with the destination still to be determined. The investment at a total value of 660,000 euros was largely funded by the Dutch partners, local sponsors and a contribution from the Sălaj County Council.

The Year 2018 is marked by a concerted effort of the founding members to give the
Foundation’s activities a new impulse, aiming to transform the organization into a force capable of successfully facing current and future challenges.

The organisations plans are made possible through the enormous potential of our
exceptional multidisciplinary team, formed in close cooperation with our Dutch
partners, allowing us to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.

“Acasa” Foundation, through all undertakings, wishes to remain committed to its profound humanitarian goals, where the focus is on the PATIENT.